Do Not Worry

Worried about you Child’s Competitive Exam Not sure whether he/she would make it After putting in your best efforts and money and your child’s hard work, he/she may still not make it and your dreams are shattered.

Spare two minutes now and then five minutes every day to ensure you child races towards success and goals with precision which all of you can monitor and measure each day.

Scenario 1 You child is doing self study, going to school and taking coaching classes. In all these cases there is no mechanism to assess whether each topic and concept taught has actually been understood by the child. There are progress reports which are more a SNAP shot like summative assessments and not continuous evaluation for feedback, monitoring, identifying gaps each topic wise and initiating corrective action. has Self Assessor, an online formative assessment tool for each topic and concept just bridges the missing link. Ask your child what he/she has studied today. Encourage him/her to take a 15 minutes online self test on each subject or topic taught to him in the school / college / coaching today. The immediate assessment will help you , your child and teacher in identifying gaps and bridging them before moving to next topic.

And few days before exam TestBag Test Simulator will simulate online very similar tests in a exam like environment to enable your child to experience exam many times before the exam and put all his/her exam fears to rest. Not only the child will be able to benchmark his/her performance but will also be able to identify topics where he/she is weak through a powerful report analytics tool. This will enable your child to put last days efforts on logically identified weak areas rather than haphazard revision of everything thus saving precious time and energy before exams.

And all this at a very nominal cost. Visit to check the price for your specific exam and subscribe online or call us.

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Scenario 2 You are looking for suitable Teaching and Learning Aid for your Child. TestBag Academy can be a good answer. It is state of art technology driven, teaching directed and learning centered academy providing Blended Learning in Dynamic Classes Where

  • A precise and concise study material prepares the student before the lecture to ensure homogeneity in the class
  • An expert teacher delivers classroom lecture, aided by digital and visual media on projector, that helps to ;
    • deliver uniform and standard instructions
    • save precious time
    • improve retention

  • This is followed by immediate online formative assessment ( Assessment for Learning) of each student on individual computers to transparently assess whether they have or have not mastered the delivered instructions.
  • Assessment gives immediate online feedback to the teachers on each student through extensive reports and analytics to get quantitative / qualitative insight on lecture delivered, so as to personalize learning for both advanced and struggling students, by initiating corrective steps to fill the identified gaps.
  • After mastering a set of topics, each student comprehensively practices on online summative assessments (Assessment of Learning) , where tests are simulated by computer, based on previous year patterns or as directed by the teacher, thus creating and exam like environment to enable them to bench mark, gain confidence and put exam fear to rest.
  • Parents can regularly monitor online, the progress of their wards towards the goal .

By combining formative assessments for learning during the instructional phase with summative assessments of learning after the instructional phase, student’s progress and success is comprehensively ensured.

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